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This week, last year: 17th – 23rd July

Photo: Via YouTube

Our news highlights from 12 months past, for your weekly dose of Slow Journalism perspective…

Sun 17th July 2016
Three police officers are shot dead and three are wounded in a shootout in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The shooter, Gavin Long, who is killed by police during the attack, was an Iraq War veteran who had made videos complaining of police violence against black people.

Muhammad Waseem confesses to murdering his sister, former Pakistan Idol contestant Qandeel Baloch, saying “she was bringing disrepute to our family’s honour and I could not tolerate it any further”.

Mon 18th July 2016
The House of Commons votes overwhelmingly to retain Trident, the UK’s nuclear deterrent. The renewal is expected to cost at least £40 billion.

A teenage Afghan refugee attacks train passengers with an axe in Würzburg, southern Germany, seriously injuring three tourists from Hong Kong before being shot dead by police. Isis claims responsibility.

A report commissioned by the World Anti-Doping Agency concludes that Russia operated a state-run doping programme over several years in both summer and winter Olympic sports. The report states that the Russian government protected doping athletes by replacing their urine samples with clean ones.

Tue 19th July 2016
Angela Eagle pulls out of the UK’s Labour Party leadership race. The withdrawal leaves ex-shadow work and pensions secretary Owen Smith as the sole challenger to Jeremy Corbyn.

“[She used] words that are common words” — Paul Manafort defends Melania Trump, who appears to plagiarise Michelle Obama in a speech at the Republican National Convention in Ohio. The Trump campaign chairman says it is a coincidence that the speech by Donald Trump’s wife contains passages that are almost identical to those in a speech given by the first lady in 2008.

Wed 20th July 2016
An investigative journalist known for his reporting on human rights abuses in his home country of Belarus is killed in a car bomb in Kiev, Ukraine. Pavel Sheremet, who was a fierce critic of the Putin regime, was driving to work when the bomb exploded.

The heads of 14 national doping agencies, including those of the US, Germany and Japan, urge the International Olympic Committee to provisionally ban Russian athletes from the Rio Games following reports of state-sponsored doping.

See ‘Dope and glory’ – our infographic showing all the doping bans enforced by the IAAF, broken down by country and sporting event

Thu 21st July 2016
Ten people are arrested in Brazil suspected of belonging to a loosely organised group supporting Isis. Justice minister Alexandre de Moraes describes the group, consisting of Brazilian citizens who communicated using messaging apps, as “absolutely amateur”.

Fri 22nd July 2016
Nine people are killed and 16 are injured in a shooting at a Munich shopping centre. The gunman, 18-year-old German-Iranian Ali David Sonboly, kills himself after the attack. Investigators say they are unsure of the attacker’s motives.

“It’s better than a lottery win” — Chris King, the first person in the UK to have a double hand transplant, says he feels “whole again”. The 57-year-old, who lost both hands in an industrial accident in 2013, had the 12-hour treatment at Leeds General Infirmary.

Sat 23rd July 2016
Hillary Clinton attends her first rally with Tim Kaine as her confirmed running mate. The 58-year-old Virginia senator greets supporters in Miami with a speech delivered in both English and Spanish.

Floods in China kill at least 154 people and leave 124 missing according to state officials. Most of the fatalities are reported in the Hebei province.


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