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Postal services around the world are currently being affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The majority of our customers are receiving their magazines in good time, but the following delivery times are based on the latest guidance from Royal Mail and our recent experience:

UK – two to 15 working days after posting
Europe – five to 20 working days after posting
ROW – five to 40 working days after posting  – see below for further details on specific countries

Royal Mail is no longer offering an air mail service to a number of countries, so these orders will need to be shipped by sea. Please see the expected delays below:

USA (delays of 2-12 weeks)

Argentina | Australia | Brazil | Canada | Croatia | Cyprus | Gibraltar | Iceland | India | Israel | Japan | Lithuania | Mexico | New Zealand | Romania | Saudi Arabia | Slovenia | South Africa | South Korea | United Arab Emirates (delays of 6-8 weeks)

Suspended delivery
Royal Mail has temporarily ceased sending post to the following countries and territories:

Azerbaijan | Botswana | Cuba | Iraq | Haiti | Kosovo | Mauritania | Mauritius | Nepal | Paraguay | Turkmenistan | Venezuela | Zambia

The most up to date advice can be found on Royal Mail’s International Incident Bulletin.

Are you taking coronavirus precautions?
We use Royal Mail for all subscriber deliveries. From the Royal Mail website:
Public Health England (PHE) has advised that people receiving parcels are not at risk of contracting the coronavirus. From experience with other coronaviruses, we know that these types of viruses don’t survive long on objects, such as letters or parcels. This complements the highly publicised guidance from PHE for people to wash their hands more often than usual using soap and hot water.

The company we use for fulfilling subscription services, Newsstand, has assured us that they are taking protective measures to practice good hygiene and promote a safe and healthy workplace.


Where can I buy DG?
You can find a list of our stockists here, but the easiest and cheapest way to get DG is to subscribe. You can also buy back issues at our online store.

The dates on my issue are old – is it out of date?
Probably not! Each issue is published three months after the dates covered, to give us time to revisit events and give the final analysis. So the issue covering October/November/December is published in March, the issue covering January/February/March is published in June, the April/May/June issue is published in September and the July/August/September issue is published in December.

Are you distributed outside of the UK?
Absolutely: we have an ever-growing international distribution, you can see a full list of stockists here. Orders from our online store and subscriptions also ship internationally.

Who prints your magazine?
We are printed by Crystal Press, and very good they are too. We can thoroughly recommend them.


I would like to subscribe / order back issues. How?
That’s great news. You can subscribe here and we have a limited number of back issues available here.

How do I contact your subscriptions department to change my address, ask about missing issues etc.?
You can contact our subs department on +44 (0)203 865 6082 or on You can also use your customer portal to see all your account information and make changes.

What does a recurring subscription mean?
Most of our subscription plans are annual recurring subscriptions – this means that each year your subscription will automatically renew once you have received your 4th issue for that term. This is the easiest way to keep receiving the magazine with an uninterrupted service, and is the best price too! However, subscribers are under no obligation to continue those recurring payments, and if at anytime you would like to cancel that automatic renewal please feel free to get in touch and we will take care of that for you.

When will I receive my magazine?
Delayed Gratification is a quarterly publication, published in March, June, September and December every year. This means that if you sign up in January, for example, you would receive your first copy of the magazine as soon as it is published in March. If you add a copy of the current issue or a set of the last four back issues to your order, they will be sent out straight away.

Can I set up a gift subscription?
Yes, it’s easy to give the gift of Slow Journalism – just head to our subscription page here and click the ‘for someone else’ button. Once the subscription is set up we will also send you a link to download a gift certificate.

How do you ship the magazines, and how long does it take?
UK deliveries are all sent with Royal Mail 2nd class post, and should take 2-3 working days to arrive. For international deliveries, we use Royal Mail International Standard. Royal Mail says that international deliveries within Europe take 3-5 working days, and 5-7 working days across the rest of the world. Shipping is included in the cost of your subscription.

What payment methods do you accept?
You can pay for your subscription with a credit card or debit card, and we do accept American Express.

How do I manage my subscription?
The easiest way to manage your subscription is via your customer portal. Here you can view all your subscription and payment details and make changes to your payment method and addresses. Subscribers can sign up/log in here. You can also call or email us with any changes you would like to make.

How do I cancel my subscription?
It’s easy to cancel your subscription, just send an email to, and we’ll take care of that for you right away.


I am a writer / illustrator and I want to submit a pitch to Delayed Gratification. Who do I talk to?
Please email to

Do you offer internships?
Sadly we’re not currently offering internships or work experience at Delayed Gratification

Are all pitches reviewed?
Yes they are all read, without exception, but given the number of submissions we receive, we cannot always send an acknowledgment.

What sort of articles are you looking for?
Delayed Gratification is dedicated to Slow Journalism. Our ideal article brings fresh insight into an event in the preceding quarter or uncovers an unreported story from the period. We do not publish fiction and quality is key.

I wrote a proposal a month ago and I still have not received a reply a month later. Is this normal?
We receive many ideas and it is not always possible to respond. Do not hesitate to follow up over email.

I would like to sell Delayed Gratification, how can I do that?
Drop a line to Matthew Lee at

Do you create infographics for anyone else?
Yes we do – drop Rob a line at to discuss what we can do. We also run regular courses in feature-writing and infographics creation – check out our events and classes section to see the latest.

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