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Slow Journalism International

Since the launch of Delayed Gratification in January 2011 a number of Slow Journalism projects have sprung up around the world. To suggest additions to this list please email Matthew Lee at

De Correspondent
Dutch supporter-funded Slow Journalism website. Articles in Dutch.

Delayed Gratification
The world’s first Slow Journalism publication (aka us).

Long Play
Finnish website specialising in long-form Slow Journalism. Articles in Finnish.

L’Ora del Pellice
Local Italian news service with a Slow Journalism focus. Articles in Italian.

Out of Eden
National Geographic fellow Paul Salopek’s journey around the world by foot – a decade-long Slow Journalism experiment.

Revue XXI
French publication specialising in long-form journalism

Retro Report
US nonprofit organisation producing short documentaries with a Slow Journalism perspective.

6 Mois
French photojournalism publication from the team behind Revue XXI

Slow News
Slow Journalism hub run by the makers of the Slow News documentary (see below). Articles in Italian.

Slow News Documentary
Documentary about the Slow Journalism movement currently in production. The trailer can be viewed here.

Slow Media: Why Slow is Satisfying, Sustainable & Smart by Jennifer Rauch
Exploring concepts such as ‘Mindful Media’, ‘Green Media’ and ‘Post-Luddism’, the LIU Brooklyn professor explains how we can develop a more satisfying and sustainable media ecosystem. Published August 2018.

Slow News: A Manifesto for the Critical News Consumer by Peter Laufer
A concise, punchy Slow Journalism manifesto published in 2014 and inspired by the Slow Food movement.

The Sprawl
Crowdfunded, ad-free local news website for Calgary, Canada, founded with Slow Journalism principles. 

British Slow Journalism venture with membership model. 

Danish Slow Journalism website funded by subscribers. Articles in Danish.

A slower, more reflective type of journalism”
Creative Review

Jam-packed with information... a counterpoint to the speedy news feeds we've grown accustomed to”
Creative Review

A leisurely (and contrary) look backwards over the previous three months”
The Telegraph

Quality, intelligence and inspiration: the trilogy that drives the makers of Delayed Gratification”
El Mundo

Refreshing... parries the rush of 24-hour news with 'slow journalism'”
The Telegraph

A very cool magazine... It's like if Greenland Sharks made a newspaper”
Qi podcast

The UK's second-best magazine” Ian Hislop
Editor, Private Eye
Private Eye Magazine

Perhaps we could all get used to this Delayed idea...”
BBC Radio 4 - Today Programme