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The slow news quiz #9

This month’s quiz looks back three months to the events of December 2015. Get at least seven out of ten answers correct and enter your details below before 2nd April for a chance to win a copy of our book How to be evil.

On 4th December, the New York Times published its first page one editorial since 1920. What was it about?

On 4th December, the international scientific community said it would be “irresponsible to proceed” with Crispr-Cas9. What are they referring to?

On 4th December, four Chinese journalists accidentally published an article saying that president Xi Jinping had…

On 11th December, three Dutchmen were convicted of transporting up to £1.6 billion worth of cocaine and heroin into the UK. How did they manage to deliver the drugs?

On 14th December, Morrissey was quoted in Uruguayan newspaper El Observador saying that “there are too many things in life to let the repulsive horrors pull you down”. What “repulsive horror” was he referring to?

Why did Miss Universe host Steve Harvey have to apologise during the 20th December contest?

On 21st December, what was the Telegraph Media Group fined for?

The Seoul-based company Sooam made international news headlines in December. For what reason?

On 22nd December, a British man was found guilty of plotting to murder Prince Charles so that, according to his twisted logic, Prince Harry could become king. Why did he want Harry to be king?

On 27th December, China passed its first law against domestic violence. Who are not protected by this law?

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If you’d like to be entered for the prize draw please give us your name and email address before clicking ‘check answers’. We’re giving away a copy of How to be evil, our book containing nineteen dastardly ways to get rich quick as carried out by our nefarious creation Evil Stick Man.

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