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The slow news quiz #6

This month’s quiz looks back three months to the events of June 2015. Get at least seven out of ten answers correct and enter your details below before 6th October for a chance to win a back issue of your choice.

On 6th June, Richard Matt and David Sweat escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility in New York state. Which of these methods did they NOT use in their break-out?

On 7th June Enrique Hernández was voted mayor of Yurécuaro in Mexico. Why was this unusual?

On 12th June, the central bank of Zimbabwe offered a new exchange rate for the discarded Zimbabwean dollar, giving people a chance to convert their balance into US dollars until the end of September. What was the new rate?

On 12th June, Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes was formally reburied nearly 400 years after his death. What tainted the ceremony?

Which band donated almost $40,000 to the Tbilisi Flood Recovery Project after the floods on 13th June?

On 14th June, Rosetta’s Philae lander ‘woke up’ after its solar-powered battery regained enough power to work. What did the Tweet that confirmed the event say?

On 21st June, it was reported that UK justice secretary Michael Gove had issued civil servants working in his department with grammar guidelines. Which of these pointers was NOT included in the post on the Ministry of Justice intranet?

The BBC was mocked after using creative alternatives for offensive words in subtitling Kanye West’s Glastonbury set on 27th June. Which of these alternatives did the BBC NOT use?

On 27th June, EU leaders agreed that migrants and refugees who arrived in Italy and Greece in 2015 would be relocated to other EU countries. How many people was it agreed would be resettled as part of the deal?

What admission by Governor Alejandro García Padilla of Puerto Rico was reported on 28th June?

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If you’d like to be entered for the prize draw and a chance to win a back issue of your choice* please give us your name and email address before clicking ‘check answers’.

*Except issues #4, #7 and #15, which are no longer in stock

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