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The Slow News Quiz #4

This month’s quiz looks back three months to the events of April 2015. Get at least seven out of ten answers correct and enter your details below before 21st July for a chance to win a copy of Print is dead. Long live print.

Who was credited with informing her millions of fans about news of the commemorations of the centenary of the Armenian genocide?

On 6th April, David Lynch backed out of directing the new series of ‘Twin Peaks’. What did he cite as his reason for quitting?

How did activist Lee Min-bok claim to have delivered 80,000 copies of the film ‘The Interview’ to people in North Korea?

According to Auckland waitress Amanda Bailey, what did New Zealand prime minister John Key describe as “very tantalising”?

An unauthorised poll published on 8th April revealed both Fidel Castro and Raúl Castro to be less popular in Cuba than which figure?

On 15th April, Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi went on trial for making a kayak modelled on what?

On 16th April, Brazilian authorities completed the removal of over 33 tonnes of ______ from a Rio de Janeiro lake in preparation for the 2016 Olympic Games.

On 21st April, a Japanese train set a new world speed record at 373 miles per hour. Which technological innovation enabled the breakthrough?

On 4th April, Iran overturned a ban on women going to what?

On 25th April, David Cameron reasserted that he is a fan of Aston Villa, after mistakenly telling a crowd that he supported West Ham. What was his excuse?

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