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The Slow News Quiz #3

This month’s quiz looks back three months to the events of March 2015. For a chance to win a signed edition of Thirty-One Nil by our associate editor James Montague, the recent winner of the Football Book of the Year prize, get at least seven out of ten answers correct and enter below before 30th June.

Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, suggested in March that the EU should one day have its own…

Who wrote an open letter to Iran’s leaders urging them not to agree to a nuclear deal with President Obama?

On 10th March, Ireland’s court of appeal ruled part of a law unconstitutional. What became legal during the day-long delay for emergency legislation to be passed?

A Los Angeles jury ordered two musical collaborators to pay $7.3m in damages to Marvin Gaye’s estate due to breach of copyright on 10th March. Who were they?

On 15th March, UK Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps admitted he’d had a second job running an online marketing firm for at least a year after becoming an MP. Which of the following self-help guides did he promote under the pseudonym Michael Green?

Which breakfast food did David Cameron compare to terms in office when he said “two are wonderful but three might just be too many”?

On 23rd March, who became the first major Republican to announce their candidacy for the party’s presidential nomination?

Photo: Nate D Sanders

Photo: Nate D Sanders

The above work of art was sold at auction this month. Which unpopular historical figure painted it?

On 25th March, Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson was sacked because he physically and verbally assaulted the show’s producer in a dispute over what?

In March, the far-right organisation Pegida staged marches in several German cities. What does the acronym Pegida stand for?

Your chance to win


If you’d like to be entered for the prize draw please give us your name and email address before clicking ‘check answers’. We’re giving away a signed copy of Thirty-One Nil, the recent winner of Football Book of the Year written by our associate editor James Montague.

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