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The slow news quiz #10

This month’s quiz looks back three months to the events of January 2016.

On 3rd January, it was reported that Scottish miner Michael McFeat had been arrested in Kyrgyzstan under the country’s race hatred laws for something he posted on Facebook. What did he do wrong?

On 7th January, Bill Clinton’s library released transcripts of phone conversations with Tony Blair. In one chat, Clinton mentioned a 24-course meal he had been served by Boris Yeltsin. Which strange dish did he mention was included in the meal?

On 8th January, the UK updated its guidelines for alcohol consumption. What is the new recommended maximum amount of units of alcohol consumed per week for both men and women?

On 15th January, Tim Peake became the first person to walk in space under a British flag. But why was his spacewalk terminated early?

On 17th January, the US imposed new sanctions on Iran. What were the sanctions over?

On 18th January, British MPs debated banning Donald Trump from the UK in parliament. The debate was triggered by a petition – how many people signed it?

On 24th January, Colin Espie, professor of neuroscience at the University of Oxford, said that bad odours in teenagers’ bedrooms could cause insomnia and poor performance at school. What was his recommendation for teenagers?

On 25th January, the WHO warned that the Zika virus is likely to spread through every country in the Americas except two. Which of these three countries was not deemed safe by the World Health Organisation?

On 25th January, it was reported that Spanish bullfighter Francisco Rivera Ordóñez was under fire for a picture he posted on Instagram. What was he depicted doing in the photo?

On 29th January, it was announced the statue of a controversial historical figure would remain at Oriel College, Oxford. Who was the statue of?

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