Best of Slow Journalism: Haitian Zombies

Rajanish Kakade/AP/Press Association Images

There is some truly great Slow Journalism out there, pieces which journalists have committed proper time and energy to. On this blog we’d like to draw your attention from time to time to some of the excellent stories that inspire us.

Epic publishes extraordinary true stories in long-form. You may have heard of this story about a CIA mission to rescue Americans from Tehran during the hostage crisis. It was written by Joshuah Bearman and adapted into the award-winning film Argo.

In the newest story on Epic, ‘Into the Zombie Underworld’, Mischa Berlinski spent months rooting around in Haiti’s murky world of zombies.

His starting point is the death of the beautiful Nadathe Joassaint, who collapsed and died after being called out of her house in 2006. Not long after Nadathe’s death, her mother turned up on the doorstep of Judge Isaac Etienne, accusing a man of having turned her daughter into a zombie.

Over the course of a year, Berlinski returned to Nadathe’s village Joseph multiple times. And though he never gained certainty about her fate, his investigation into her apparent death indeed makes for an Epic read.

Read it here.

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