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Meet the stockists: Kioskafé

Photo: Andrew Urwin

Our new issue is now on sale in lots of brilliant shops – and we’d like to introduce you to some of them here on our blog.

Founded by the team behind Monocle, Kioskafé opened its doors in October last year near London’s Paddington station.

We had a chat with Kioskafé’s Maverick Pettit-Taylor.

Why did Monocle decide to launch a magazine store in an area of London already thick with newsstands?
“Monocle’s aim is to provide a space where the print on sale, whether it’s daily news or biannual magazines on travel and style, is appreciated by the staff and the customers – perhaps more so than at the average newsstand. Paddington is one of Europe’s busiest transport hubs so there is definitely room for a good quality newsstand/coffee bar.”

Can you tell us about the on-demand newspaper service you offer?
“The idea is to provide people with physical news from around the world at a click of a button. We only print what people ask for, and we know our customer base consists of international and frequent travellers who will want to know what’s going on around the world. So it’s a logical response to the shrinking news trade and a celebration of print at the same time.”

Which newspapers are you asked to print most often?
“A Greek customer of ours routinely requests the Kathimerini. Lots of Danish travellers ask for the daily newspaper Politiken. Canada’s Globe and Mail and the New York Times are popular too.”

Is print dead?
“Undeniably the online sphere is growing and has replaced some of the space that print once occupied. The unfortunate end of the print edition of the Independent, a truly progressive daily paper, represents this. But a lot of people are embracing print. New magazines are being invented by the day, and a lot of them buck the online trend by going straight to print and having little online presence. These are often of amazing quality in both journalism and artistic direction: Kennedy magazine, Holiday, and Popeye to name just a few.”

What are some of the most popular magazines at Kioskafé?
“The above do very well. Vestoj – a sartorial journal – is a particularly popular title due to its good writing and interesting topics. The interviews are phenomenal as well as its design. Others that do well are The Gourmand, Disegno, Delayed Gratification, Casa Brutus, The Happy Reader and Monocle.”

You can find Kioskafé at 31 Norfolk Place, W2 1QH. For other DG retailers in London and beyond, check our stockists page.

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