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Meet the stockists: Hartland on Hudson

Nic Cameron & Emily Johnson are the founders of Hartland on Hudson, a beautiful espresso bar and stationery store in upstate New York. Located in the hamlet of Leeds, close to the Hudson River and the Catskill Mountains, the store offers a carefully curated collection of magazines including Delayed Gratification. We spoke to Emily about their move out of Brooklyn and their favourite publications…

What inspired you to open Hartland on Hudson?
As Hartland Brooklyn, our stationery company, began to grow, we also outgrew our studio space in NYC. While looking for new spaces, we stumbled upon the perfect building two hours north of the city. It was previously an old general store, giving us a beautiful storefront. Nic is a recording engineer and a coffee aficionado, and liked the idea of combining stationery and coffee, so we started Hartland on Hudson.

What makes Hartland on Hudson special?
Unique stationery, excellent coffee and tea, and a calming atmosphere to make everyone feel welcome. It’s a great place to meet or work, and you know you’ll be greeted with open arms.

How do you choose the magazines that go into the shop?
Our studio manager Jonathan has been reading and researching a wide variety of colourful and inventive magazines that focus on the longevity of their content. We choose magazines that we find interesting and feel would interest our customers.

What are your current favourite magazines?
We are starting to carry some of our favourites! Obviously Delayed Gratification fits our interest of long-term relevance. Food magazine Put A Egg On It is one of our favourites and an Australian food magazine, Lunch Lady, is great for appealing to all types of our customers. We’re excited to get our first look at cannabis magazine Broccoli Mag very soon. As a basketball junkie, Jonathan is also very into Franchise Magazine but that might not fit our clientele.

What does the future hold for Hartland on Hudson?
We recently re-opened after taking the winter off, and for now we’re just hoping to get people energised behind what we have to offer the community. But there’s always more to come!


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