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Meet the stockists: Issues

Decades of industry experience and a love affair with independent print inspired owner Nicola to open Issues magazine shop in Toronto, Canada. Here we talk about the importance of their local community, and buying titles based on pure instinct…

What inspired you to open Issues?
I’ve been making magazines in Canada for over a decade. Whenever I’m travelling, I seek out independent magazine shops in search of inspiration or in an effort to see things I’d seen online in three dimensions. For years I’d hoped someone would open a retail shop like [London’s] Magculture in our city. In 2022, I decided I should try. Issues is a love letter to print and an excuse for me to bring in – and share – the publications I adore.

What’s the indie magazine publishing scene like in Toronto?
It’s still in its infancy, I think. There are independent projects that have been at it for years and we’ve seen other great things come and go. We’ve yet to produce the sort of volume of independent titles we’re seeing pop up across Europe or the United States. I’m hopeful that Issues can be a catalyst for more independent publishing in Canada.

What makes Issues special?
Without a doubt, it’s our community. When I opened Issues, I had hypothesised that there were more print lovers out there. I’ve been blown away by how many people we’ve welcomed into our space in the last year.

Right-hand image by Justin Ming Yong

How do you choose the magazines that go into the shop?
There’s no real science to it. I operate on instinct, calling in my decade of experience making magazines. The best of the best pair sophisticated editorial with thoughtful design and sprinkle in little surprises here and there.

What are your current favourite magazines?
Delayed Gratification, always! I finally got my hands on a copy of Rubbish Famzine and it’s as incredible as it looked online. I’m also a big fan of MacGuffin and Safar. And I have big love for Beside, lstw, Serviette, Chutney and Feels which all have roots in Canada.

What does the future hold for Issues?
Without a crystal ball, all I can do is hope for continued growth in our sales, brand awareness and community. We’ll be popping up in Vancouver later this month in an effort to build up our national community. It’s about celebrating the people and projects keeping alive here – and abroad!

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