Infographic: How to make a fortune on Instagram

On 19th April 2017 the US Federal Trade Commission warned social media stars that they should disclose promotional posts. Spotting an opportunity, in DG #27 Evil Stick Man demonstrates how to technically follow that advice and make an Instafortune in the process…


1. Travel to a developing country and scout for attractive people of both sexes.


2. Pay them to pose in a number of tasteful but provocative outfits and take hundreds of different photos against a green-screen background.


3. Set up an Instagram account for each model – give them fake names and profiles that claim they have specialist knowledge of food, travel or shopping.


4. Fill these accounts with Photoshopped images of your glamorous models having fun in glamorous locations.


5. Buy followers for all your accounts from one of the multiple providers online. Add them gradually to mimic organic growth.


6. Set up a social media agency that represents ‘influencers’ who will endorse products for a fee. Sign up some genuine influencers for an air of legitimacy.


7. When approached by brands who want your genuine influencers to mention their products, steer them instead towards your fake ‘next big things’.


8. Photoshop the brands’ products into your models’ hands, write glowing endorsements, post and get paid. Repeat.


9. You are now rich. Block book Annie Leibowitz for the next 20 years. Her sole task: to document your breakfasts.


We’ve pulled together Evil Stick Man’s adventures in our first ever book, How to be evil. You can buy it for £10 including shipping in our online shop.

Words: Marcus Webb | Illustration: Christian Tate


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