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Hit us with your best shots – and win

To the members of team DG there’s nothing quite as satisfying as spotting a copy of the mag in the wild. Since we launched on Instagram a while ago, it’s been great to see readers post pictures of the latest issues, more often than not in conjunction with a delicious-looking coffee or, intriguingly enough, plate of eggs.

Yes, we like having our egos stroked on social media and so we’re going to give you all an extra incentive to do it.

Delayed Gratification issue #21 is out now, and we’d love to see your pictures of it on Instagram. If you tag us in yours (we’re dg_quarterly), you’ll automatically get a chance to win a copy of How to be evil, our first ever book. It’s a collection of our best Evil Stick Man cartoons from the last five years, which Private Eye editor Ian Hislop described as ‘Fascinating, funny and frightening.’

So please do get photographing and filtering. Here are some of our favourite shots of our previous issue, DG #20, for inspiration.


A photo posted by Peter Kernohan (@peterkernohan) on

There might only be a sliver of DG in this pic but we’re not bitter – next to those eggs, we know our place. These seem like optimal circumstances to read Delayed Gratification.  

It’s treat yourself Saturday #magazines #Saturday #delayedgratification #luckypeach #coffee A photo posted by Claire Creighton (@clarabellaldn) on

DG likes to be in good company and we’re all big fans of food mag Lucky Peach. Mag lovers, do show off your stacks. (Having said that, we’re glad to see DG is on top.)

Our network of retailers is slowly expanding, both within the UK as well as outside. Here’s one of the stockists we added to the list with issue #20: Madison, Wisconsin, shop Drunk Lunch.

A slower, more reflective type of journalism”
Creative Review

Jam-packed with information... a counterpoint to the speedy news feeds we've grown accustomed to”
Creative Review

A leisurely (and contrary) look backwards over the previous three months”
The Telegraph

Quality, intelligence and inspiration: the trilogy that drives the makers of Delayed Gratification”
El Mundo

Refreshing... parries the rush of 24-hour news with 'slow journalism'”
The Telegraph

A very cool magazine... It's like if Greenland Sharks made a newspaper”
Qi podcast

The UK's second-best magazine” Ian Hislop
Editor, Private Eye
Private Eye Magazine

Perhaps we could all get used to this Delayed idea...”
BBC Radio 4 - Today Programme