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2015: the best from our archive

Happy new year!

After a brief break for the holidays, team DG is back in the office, gearing up for our sixth year of creating the world’s first Slow Journalism magazine.

In 2015 we started bringing you weekly DG archive stories on the blog. To kick off 2016 in style we’ve brought together our three favourites from the year gone by…


Anatomy of an exodus

Months before the European refugee crisis became the news story that defined the summer of 2015, DG contributors James Montague and Mitra Nazar traced the Western Balkan immigration route over the course of several months after stumbling across a sudden and epic influx of Kosovars into Hungary. In ‘Anatomy of an exodus’, Montague and Nazar told the stories of the refugees who are risking it all to get to Europe, the priest who brings them food and comfort in the forest and the far-right mayor who is trying to thwart them.


Rise of the robot journalist

2015 was a great year for Slow Journalism, with the likes of Harvard’s Nieman Reports and Al Jazeera highlighting its steady rise. In DG #16, our associate editor Matthew Lee shed some light on a trend in the opposite direction: automated journalism. Here, he delves into the algorithms which create news stories in a fraction of a second – and he asks whether ‘robo journalism’ has the potential to make us slow and fallible human reporters obsolete once and for all.


On the trail of the 43

In September 2014, 43 students disappeared from the Mexican city of Iguala. In the following months, Mexicans took to the streets en masse to protest against the abductions as well as the government’s questionable explanation of the disappearances. As the search for the students continued, Témoris Grecko charted the political fallout of los 43 and went back to Iguala to talk to the parents who refused to give up on their lost children.

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