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DG anthology: the Syrian conflict

We’ve been tracing the Syrian conflict since its early beginnings in the Arab Spring, and have followed it from Syrian refugee camps in Jordan to Belgian mothers who lost their sons to jihad in Syria, and from the image of five-year-old Omran Daqneesh in an ambulance to the evacuation of civilians from eastern Aleppo.

Aleppo evacuation tile - flat

In August Aleppo-based cameraman Mustafa al-Sarout filmed a child being pulled from his apartment building, which had just been bombed. Three months later he speaks out about the fate of that boy, Omran Daqneesh, and how life has changed since in a city still under siege

Belgium has been Europe’s biggest per capita contributor of jihadis fighting in Syria. As news broke of the death of another Belgian militant in Syria in August 2015, Susan Schulman reported on the mothers whose sons went to fight – and who came together to help others whose children are planning to flee

As yet another boat capsized in the Mediterranean with tragic consequences, European countries struggled to get to grips with the biggest refugee crisis the continent has experienced since the Second World War. We traced how the drama unfolded through four infographics

As the Syrian refugee crisis raged in early 2015, we spent time in Subotica, on the Serbian-Hungarian border, with refugees and migrants who were waiting in the forest hoping to make their move into the European Union and find a better life

What started out as temporary shelter for those fleeing the Syrian civil war grew into a fully functioning city, which at one point was the fourth largest refugee camp in the world. Sakhr Al-Makhadhi told the incredible story of Jordan’s Zaatari settlement and asked what it reveals about the failures of the Arab Spring

July through September 2014 was a troubled quarter in the Middle East. Israeli troops entered Gaza, Isis made large territorial gains, Libya came closer to complete collapse and the tide of political favour swung back towards Assad in Syria. On the day John Kerry arrived in Iraq, Rachel Halliburton met one of his predecessors as US secretary of state, Henry Kissinger, and asked for his reflections on the state of the region

On 19th August 2014 Isis released a video of the execution of James Foley. For the 20 months Foley was missing in Syria, his friend and former employer Phil Balboni, the founder and CEO of GlobalPost, desperately tried to win his release. We spoke with Balboni two months after Isis released the horrific video. Here’s how he looked back at Foley’s life and his tragic death

The Syrian conflict has been dubbed the first YouTube war, with cameraphones allowing activists on both sides to broadcast their view of the conflict. But for Amjad Siofy citizen journalism was just the start – James Harkin told his story

According to Reporters Without Borders, Syria’s Bashar al-Assad has been a ‘Predator of press freedom’ since 2000 – a title he shares with Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Paul Kagame of Rwanda and Hu Jintao of China. Back in 2012, Rachel Halliburton traced the effects of censorship on a 21st-century state

As violence swept through Syria, its Olympic footballteam played a key qualifying match against Malaysia on 14th March 2012. But someone was missing: its goalkeeper Abdelbasset Saroot, a native of Homs and a singer whose voice had inspired thousands to rebel against the regime of Bashar al-Assad

In February 2012, the Syrian government started the Homs offensive, a fierce bombing campaign in a city already under siege. We charted the number of residents killed each day of that first month of the offensive according to Syria’s Local Coordination Committee

As the Arab Spring swept across the region, we mapped how the revolutions spread out across the Arab world

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