Infographic: for want of a better word

Photo: Greeblie

Each year, we trawl through online submissions for new words to Collins Dictionary, looking for the most clever and bizarre suggested additions to the English language. Here’s this year’s cream of the crop – with illustrations.


Afterclap (v) To clap or continue clapping after most applause has ceased


Beerboarding (n) Attempting to extract information from a person by getting them drunk


Carcolepsy (n) A condition causing a passenger to fall asleep soon after a car journey begins


Chairdrobe (n) A pile of clothes left on a chair. See also ‘floordrobe’


Dadcore (n) Clothes stereotypically worn by fathers, viewed as a fashion trend


Epiphanot (n) An idea that seems like an amazing insight to the conceiver, but is in fact pointless, mundane, stupid or incorrect


Eye cabbage (n) An unattractive person; the complete opposite of eye candy


Lukewarmer (n) Person who believes in climate change, but not as a potentially catastrophic phenomenon


Shebagging (n) Taking up an extra seat in public with a handbag etc. See also ‘manspreading’

This infographic was taken from Delayed Gratification #19, which is available in our shop.

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