Fleeing Kosovo: The Wedding Tape

Hungarian police with detained Kosovar immigrants. Photo: James Montague

In ‘Anatomy of an Exodus’, published in DG #18, James Montague and Mitra Nazar tell the story of how up to 100,000 Kosovars escaped their country in late 2014 and early 2015. Travelling from the capital Pristina to the forests of northern Serbia, and from the Hungarian border back to rural Kosovo, Montague and Nazar follow streams of migrants hoping to reach the European Union in search of a better life.

Back in 2011, only three years after Kosovo declared independence, young Kosovar director Ariel Shaban shed light on some of his compatriots’ desire to leave with The Wedding Tape. In this 18-minute film, a Kosovar named Fisnik tries to obtain a German visa with a fake marriage. The only thing that’s missing from his application is a 30-minute video chronicling a wedding day that never happened – and he’s got three days to make one.

Watch The Wedding Tape below. If you’re not a subscriber and would like to read Montague and Nazar’s full story, you can now order DG #18 in our shop.

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