Five things we learned this month

Photos: Stacy Cusack, Creative Commons, Robin, Manfred Werner, West Midlands Police

Here at DG towers, our work often takes us to strange places. As we crack on with issue #15 of Delayed Gratification, which will be out in September, we’d like to share the five most interesting bits of information we’ve uncovered during our feature-writing research over the past month…

1) According to research carried out at the Mars Arctic Research Station, humans on Mars would use about 12 litres of water per person per day. To minimise the amount of water that needs to be brought from earth without killing morale, Mars pioneers should be allowed a sponge bath every other day plus one ‘navy shower’ a week.

2) Iraqi Kurdistan now has a 1,000-kilometre border with the ISIS caliphate and a 50-kilometre border with Iraq

3) Since the launch of the UK government’s e-petitions website in 2011, an average of 23 e-petitions have been rejected each day. Our favourite is this one about government involvement in baked salt and vinegar crisps.

4) You can book Right Said Fred to play a gig for $19,999

5) The use of police body-mounted cameras in Rialto, California, led to an 88 percent drop in complaints against officers and a 60 percent drop in the number of times police used force to resolve an incident.

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