Christmas in five infographics

In the seven years since we launched DG we’ve created no fewer than five festive infographics looking at the data behind Christmas. To get into the festive spirit, we’ve rounded them up here…

The true meaning of Christmas
What’s Christmas really about? If baby Jesus is the first thing that went through your mind – think again. Here’s our official top seven of what people are Googling in the run-up to the holidays. Taken from: DG #5, published in March 2012.


The Butterfly Effect – an alternative history of Christmas trees 
A Christmas-themed Butterfly Effect which shows how Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha helped lead to threats of war in the thirty-eighth parallel. Taken from: DG #5.


Light entertainers
This jolly infographic from DG #5 looks at the high-ranking celebrities who turned on the UK’s Christmas lights in 2011. Our favourite combination occurred in Wolverhampton, where Linda Lusardi and Fireman Sam teamed up to flip the switch.


The Xmas factor
The evolution of literary mentions of Christmas over two centuries. Taken from: DG #9, 2013.


The Xmas factor, again
Our final Christmas infographic is taken from issue #21 of Delayed Gratification and reveals that we have apparently accidentally recycled headlines in the past. For this chart, published in March 2016, we analysed the key elements of a hit Christmas single.



Merry Christmas to you all! Let it Slow!

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