Infographic: Everything we ever left on the moon

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Commercially backed space exploration took one giant leap forward this week with the launch of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket – and when they eventually make it to the moon, maybe they could have a bit of a clear-up…

In blasting off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Sunday 19th February, Falcon 9 became the first privately owned spacecraft to use the same launchpad as Nasa’s iconic Apollo, Skylab and Space Shuttle missions – a coup for SpaceX’s billionaire founder Elon Musk. He might be further encouraged to know that, according to our survey of everything humans have ever left on the moon, one of the terrestrial items sitting on the lunar surface is a single falcon feather (it was dropped during the Apollo 15 mission as an experiment to test gravity on the moon).

Find out what else we’ve discarded up there, with our comprehensive infographic below – taken from Delayed Gratification #13 (Oct-Dec 2013), available to order at the DG Shop.


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