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The Slow News Quiz #2

This month’s quiz looks back three months to the events of February 2015. For a chance to win our grand prize – a limited edition poster print of the cover of DG #1 – get at least seven out of ten answers correct and enter below before 10th May.

Al Jazeera journalist Peter Greste was released from an Egyptian prison on February 1st. How long had the correspondent been locked up?

On February 4th, Ross Ulbricht was convicted on seven counts by a New York jury. Which illegal website was he accused of running?

Popular dating app Tinder began rolling out a premium version of its service in February. Which of these was NOT a new feature?

Which team won the Africa Cup of Nations on a 9-8 penalty shootout on February 8th?

On 10th February, NBC war reporter Brian Williams was suspended after evidence emerged he’d mistakenly claimed to have been involved in an incident when reporting from Iraq in 2003. What had he claimed?

Who did rapper Kanye West bring on stage with him for his last-minute BRITs performance on 25th February?

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack, what did the Paris Gendarmerie become particularly concerned about in late February?

What did Apple CEO Tim Cook say that a lot of doctors think is ‘the new cancer’ when promoting the launch of the Apple Watch?

Two students in Thailand were sentenced to two and a half years in prison on 23rd February. What crime were they convicted for?

What question was Natalie Bennett, head of the British Green party, unable to answer in a disastrous interview for London-based radio station LBC on 24th February?

Your chance to win


If you’d like to be entered for the prize draw to win a limited edition poster print of the cover of DG #1, featuring art by Shepard Fairey, please give us your name and email address before clicking ‘check answers’.

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