Infographic: How to pull off a celebrity selfie scam

In July 2016 we learned that pop star Selena Gomez can earn up to $550,000 per sponsored social media post. Here, Evil Stick Man explains how you too can cash in on the online appetite for stars and snaps…



1. Start a charity. Make the cause relatable but vague – something involving a donkey is good. Launch a website and social channels.


2. Host a small charity event and invite C-list Celebrity X. Offer them a fee to appear. Do not invite any members of the press.


3. Take photographs of Celebrity X looking charitable at the charity event. Post pictures on your site and social media channels.


4. Wait for Celebrity X to repost, retweet or blog about the event using your images.


5. Send the representatives of Celebrity X a letter threatening to sue them for the unauthorised circulation of your copyrighted images.


6. Get a journalist to call the representatives of Celebrity X and ask about their bitter legal wrangle with a charity from whom they’ve already taken money to attend a party.


7. X’s representatives will make a substantial settlement offer over the copyright infringement, including a strict non-disclosure clause.


8. Demand they double their offer before accepting. Repeat the process with a series of different celebrities.



9. You are now rich. Hire out Chessington World of Adventures exclusively for you and your donkey.


We’ve pulled together Evil Stick Man’s adventures in our first ever book, How to be evil. You can buy it for £10 including shipping in our online shop.

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