Illustrator Jade They at work

Over the past few years, Jade They has made some fantastic illustrations for our magazine using a traditional handmade linocut method.

For our latest issue, we asked Jade to illustrate a long-form feature which lifts the curtain on the inner workings of Westminster’s lobbying industry. She took some snaps of the steps she took in order to give an insight into her work process – here’s how she does it.

In 2014, we interviewed Jade about her illustrations. You can read that interview here.

Step 1: Visualising ideas using ink paintings and making rough drafts – under the watchful eye of her cat


Step 2: Cutting the lino


Step 3: Inking and refining the lino



Step 4: Printing the lino on a Kasten/Berglin press


Step 5: Results!


And, repeat for the smaller prints



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