Five things we learned last month

Photos: TheMatthewSlack, Susan Schulman, Canley

As we put the final touches to issue #15 of Delayed Gratification, which will be out very soon, here are some of the extraordinary things we discovered while making the latest issue:

1) Over the past year, pork was the most rewarding commodity to invest in. For every £10,000 invested since March 2013, £15,430 was returned.

2) Approximately six trees were felled for the publication of an article in Hello, which reported that it had rained during a visit by Prince William to Yorkshire.

3) In Somaliland, handing out khat is a commonly used tactic for influencing voters at elections.

4) Traditional Japanese tattoo artists use handmade needles with which they stab their clients exactly 120 times per minute at an exact angle and depth.

5) London’s Metropolitan police replaced top hats with helmets in 1863.

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