Slow Journalism Night

There’s no sense in reviewing the year when it’s still going on. Our February 2015 session looks back on 2014 with the benefit of hindsight and asks how disobedience fared, analysing the uprisings, the protest movements and the coups, and comparing them to those of previous years.


Jonathan Alpeyrie
Photojournalist Jonathan Alpeyrie will be talking to us live from eastern Ukraine, where he is covering the ongoing conflict.

James Montague
Delayed Gratification’s own James Montague will speak about his experiences of covering the large protests in Brazil in 2013, and why he thinks the summer’s World Cup only faced minimal disruption from demonstrators.

Andrew Picken
Scottish political journalist will look at the country’s independence referendum and ask where the ‘Yes’ campaign goes from here.

Subscribers will receive information on how to attend the event for free.


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