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The smart money

He snoozes, you win: Ken Clarke naps during the Budget


He snoozes, you win: Ken Clarke naps during the Budger









16/1 Ken Clarke to fall asleep during the Budget  | Wed 23rd Mar

“We put some budget specials together for a bit of fun and rather innocently decided to price up Ken Clarke catching 40 winks during the budget speech. We quoted odds of 16/1 and lo and behold the justice secretary was caught with his eyes closed during the speech.”

12/1-20/1 Italy to beat France in the Six Nations  | Sat 12th Mar

“Italy defied pre-match odds of 12/1 to beat France in one of the biggest Six Nations upsets of all time. As if that weren’t enough, the odds were also lengthened to hit 20/1 in-play just after half time in the game. Despite rugby union being a sport not traditionally associated with betting upsets (especially at international level) they turned it around, winning 22-21.”

1/50 Colin Firth to win Best Actor at the Oscars  | Sun 27th Feb

“We paid out Firth past the post to the legions of fans who cleaned up after backing Colin for almost every award he was nominated for. We took plenty of requests for ‘The King’s Speech’ to win Oscars and Baftas while the film was still in production and as soon as it hit the screens the money rolled on from there. Even leading up to the awards nights we were still laying bets at ridiculous prices like 1/50 for Best Actor as punters saw it as the safest bet in the history of film award betting. Needless to say we paid out to those brave enough to risk £1,000 for a pair of cinema tickets.”

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