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New word order


Birther [n] informal a person who believes that Barack Obama, US President since 2009, was not born in the USA and is therefore not eligible to be President.

Boobquake [n] informal a campaign created on the social networking site Facebook, designed to disprove the claim made by an Iranian cleric that immodestly dressed women cause earthquakes.

Chindonesia [n] China, India, and Indonesia: seen collectively as the most important developing economies.

Clbuttic mistake [n] the humorous effect created by anti-obscenity filters that automatically replace offensive words in online articles with more acceptable variants.

Fauxmance [n] informal a fictitious romance between two celebrities, concocted in order to gain press coverage.

Financial doping [n]  sport the practice in which a sports franchise borrows heavily in order to contract and pay high-performing players, thereby jeopardising its long-term financial future.

Ghost estate [n] (esp. in Ireland) a housing estate built during an economic boom but unfinished or unoccupied during a recession.

Hashtag [n] (on social networking sites) a word or phrase preceded by a hash symbol (#), used to identify the topic under discussion.

Hypnodiet [n] a diet that uses hypnosis to change the dieter’s attitude to food and eating.

Intexticated [adj] informal (of a driver) distracted while writing or reading a text message on a mobile phone.

iPad [n] trademark a type of small portable tablet computer with a touch screen.

Jackling [n] rugby the winning of the ball, by the defender’s team, after a tackle and before a ruck has formed.

Nerdgasm [n] informal a feeling of intense excitement felt by someone considered to be a nerd, esp. when caused by something relating to his or her leisure interests such as a new piece of technology, computer game, science fiction film, etc.

Overfat [adj] (of a person) having too much fat in the body.

Permabear [n[ stock exchange an investor who consistently acts in the expectation that the value of stocks and shares will fall.

PIIGS [n] derogatory acronym for Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and Spain: seen collectively as the members of the European single currency whose national economies are least stable.

Schooligan [n] informal a person of school age who engages in acts of public disorder.

Sext [vb] to send a text message of a sexual nature > brext vb to send one’s romantic partner a text message informing him or her that the relationship is over.

SMiShing [n] the practice of using fraudulent text messages to extract financial data for purposes of identity theft.

Tweet thief [n] a person who takes another’s Twitter posting and presents it as his or her own > tweetcation n a break or rest from using Twitter.

And those that were cut…

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