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The story of Slow Journalism & Delayed Gratification

Our TEDx case for a Slow Journalism Revolution

Honed design, relaxed writing and an almanac approach to the passing years”

Jam-packed with information... a counterpoint to the speedy news feeds we've grown accustomed to”
Creative Review

A slower, more reflective type of journalism”
Creative Review

A chic magazine with fine infographics and long stories”
Die Zeit

A very cool magazine... It's like if Greenland Sharks made a newspaper”
Qi podcast

A fantastic publication that puts current events into perspective”
Qi podcast

Quality, intelligence and inspiration: the trilogy that drives the makers of Delayed Gratification”
El Mundo

Refreshing... parries the rush of 24-hour news with 'slow journalism'”
The Telegraph

A leisurely (and contrary) look backwards over the previous three months”
The Telegraph

Perhaps we could all get used to this Delayed idea...”
BBC Radio 4 - Today Programme

Everyone should read this magazine”
Stacks Magazine

Wonderful title and wonderful concept”