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How Donald Trump won the Republican nomination

Trumpinfographic - crop

26 May 2016  |  DG #24

In May 2016 Donald Trump defied predictions and secured the Republican nomination for president. We plot his campaign from its launch to the day he broke through the delegate barrier. See the infographic in full


Trump’s promised Mexico wall in context

20 May 2015  |  DG #19

On 20th May 2015 Donald Trump first proposed extending the current US-Mexico border fencing to cover the frontier’s entire 3,144km length, generating a storm of protest. Here’s the rundown of the world’s top wall-makers. See the infographic in full


How young can you be to comprehend a Donald Trump speech?

speechinfographic2 - crop

1 March 2016  |  DG #22

‘Super Tuesday’ 2016 saw grand victory speeches by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton celebrating their expected party nominations. But what reading age of audience were they pitched at? And how many times did they reference themselves compared to other famous orators? See the infographic in full


Where was Trump on talkshow radars during the 2012 election?

Sneer-campaign - crop

9 November 2012  |  DG #9

In 2012’s presidential race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, the fortnight before election day was hunting season for America’s talkshow hosts. But who else was in the sights of David Letterman and Jay Leno at the time – and how big a target was Donald Trump on the satirical scene back then? See the infographic in full


How much sleep does Donald Trump need compared to other famous night owls?

8 April 2013  |  DG #11

The death of Margaret Thatcher on 8th April 2013 dominated the news agenda for a week. However people viewed her political legacy, one thing was clear: the lady was not for snoozing, famously needing only four hours’ sleep a night. But where does she rank in the grand pantheon of shuteye requirements? See the infographic in full


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