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Because today's ultra-fast news cycle rates being first above being right. It tells us what's happening in real time, but rarely what it means.

The Slow Journalism solution

We publish Delayed Gratification magazine, which revisits the news after the dust has settled to give the final analysis on the stories that mattered.

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Delayed Gratification

Delayed Gratification is the world’s first Slow Journalism magazine. It’s a beautiful printed quarterly publication which revisits the events of the previous three months to see what happened after the dust settled and the news agenda moved on. It is proud to be ‘Last to Breaking News’.

The latest issue

  • The downing of flight MH17
  • The World Cup in infographics
  • One man’s fight to save James Foley
  • Naomi Klein on the People’s Climate March
  • India’s shoestring space race
  • The Scottish referendum revisited
  • The rise of the robot journalist

The Slow Journal

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SJC Classes

Subscriber event: learn to make DG infographics

After three successful Slow Journalism Nights at London's Victoria & Albert museum, we're very pleased to announce our next free DG subscriber event. Art director Christian Tate and editorial director Rob...

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2015 Oscar winners revealed!

In 2013, we made this Oscars infographic that ended up getting us an Information is Beautiful award. In it we tracked...

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“I curse the day I was born a Welshman”

HM Prison Wormwood Scrubs May 1971 Annwyl Mrs White Many thanks indeed for your most welcome and refreshing letter... I say, and,...

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The story of Slow Journalism & Delayed Gratification

Our TEDx case for a Slow Journalism Revolution

Honed design, relaxed writing and an almanac approach to the passing years”Observer

Jam-packed with information... a counterpoint to the speedy news feeds we've grown accustomed to”Creative Review

A slower, more reflective type of journalism”Creative Review

A very cool magazine... It's like if Greenland Sharks made a newspaper”Qi podcast

A fantastic publication that puts current events into perspective”Qi podcast

Refreshing... parries the rush of 24-hour news with 'slow journalism'”The Telegraph

A leisurely (and contrary) look backwards over the previous three months”The Telegraph

Perhaps we could all get used to this Delayed idea...”BBC Radio 4 - Today Programme